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Environmental services for entrepreneurs, companies, institutions and municipalities 

Provides comprehensive environmental services, environmental consultancy or outsourced fulfillment of legal obligations of companies and entrepreneurs in the field of corporate and business ecology.


 Benefits of working with EnviroDESiGN: 

The company owner is a member of the European network of environmental experts ENEP, a member of the Commissions for the preparation of legislation in the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Industry and member of the Government Council for energy and raw materials strategy. Therefore, we are always one step ahead of other consulting companies and we can successfully defend the interests of our clients.

We are attentive to your needs, you will ensure maximum comfort, strict adherence to business ethics, high speed and high quality.

  • Independence 
  • Innovative approach to work
  • A team of highly qualified professionals
  • High speed and quality of service 
  • Adherence to business ethics


Overview of selected services in the field of corporate ecology EnviroDESiGN: 

  • waste management, including hazardous waste management 
  • obligations related to the packaging and take-back of electrical equipment and batteries 
  • Atmosphere - operating records, fees ISPOP 
  • water management 
  • management of chemical substances and preparations 
  • prevention of major accidents and risk assessment of environmental damage 
  • representing clients in negotiations with the government 
  • processing applications for approvals and decisions of the administrative authorities in the field of environment 
  • process control and safety systems 
  • authorized reporting to ISPOP 
  • issue of transport of dangerous goods - ADR 
  • conduct internal audits of compliance and preparation of internal regulations 
  • environmental management systems (EMS) according to ISO 14001 or EMAS. 
  • and more. 
Protection of the environment is defined by the applicable mandatory laws, which are continuously increasing. Every entity, whether it is a business, tradesman, large enterprise, hospital, health center, school or place in time to its activities to adapt to these requirements. Failure brings the risk of significant fines in violation of statutory provisions, in particular the Czech Environmental Inspectorate (CEI) as the supreme supervisory authority in the field of environmental protection, regional authority or municipality. 
  Legislation in the field of environmental protection provides minimal ways of safe conduct of all parties. This is necessary to prevent danger or damage to the environment and the related human health. 
  If a company does not know how to properly dispose of the waste they produce, evidence does not await her heavy fines (up to CZK 50 million). Environmental regulations govern many other duties relating to water, waste and handling of chemical substances, air emissions, etc. 


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Zpracování výkazů o obalech EKOKOM

Zpracování  hlášení  o obalech  pro  AOS EKOKOM. Zpracování  hlášení  o  odpadech do  ISPOP.  Zpracování  hlášení  o  nakládání  s vodami  do  ISPOP.  Zpracování  hlášení  o emisích  ze zdrojů  znečišťování  ovzduší do  ISPOP.  Zpracování  hlášení  o  VOC (čistírny oděvů, lakovny atd.) do  ISPOP. 



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